Howling Miller, Monster

I’m a great fan of energy drinks (energy DRINKS, no shots or any substitutes, like energy drink ice cream or gummy-candy). I always seek new ones to try (yet I do indeed moderate the amount I take in), and a few days ago I had luck! A new Monster Energy Drink, one of those non-carbonated, the “Rehab“!


  So here’s my two cents on it. As all of the Monsters, this one too contains a hell-load of fruits and even seeds I am not aware of existing. And as it’s not carbonated – you might want it really well chilled. Why? For it’s very, very sweet AND sour to that. Like a very fresh lemonade drink with tea… Just like the words below “Rehab” say. To be honest, I don’t like sweet drinks. I like sweets, but drinks aren’t supposed to be sweet, so it was a bit too much for me. Still not as bad as the “Ripper” of Monster brand, that one’s my least favorite of all the energy drinks exactly because it’s a killer in sweetness. So all in all, no, I don’t really like this one. It’s refreshing, I’ll give it that, but I’d rather go with a “Khaos“, which is my favorite.

  On monday I of course watched True Blood (it gets to us at Mondays, figure that one out). This serie wasn’t anything special, to be honest. I kinda get Bill, but I don’t get it why he simply didn’t tell Sookie “listen, your blood is sweeter than any other, if we synthesize it – vamps will want bottled blood more than real blood, all problems are solved“, for I bet she would have agreed with that. Instead, of course, we got a whole bunch of nonsense, the “you’re dead to me” things and evil smirks.

TrueBlood_3 TrueBlood_1 TrueBlood_2

  I also began watching a new tv series a friend suggested long time ago. But I’m not the type to sit down and watch, so only when I had nothing better to do and was unable to play video games, I began watching it. It’s called “Hell on wheels” and damn, is it good! Pretty much: South, USA, The end of Slavery, Natives, Cowboy lads and Gunslingers.

Opening is marvelous and I’m starting to suspect that great things have great openings. In two series that I watched so far there was so much awesome action that I don’t know where to start telling you. Say, Natives, they came out of these bare-woods (in Lithuania that wouldn’t be called “woods”, it’s just too small) with the sun rising. First arrow pierced a man right through, coming out his back fully. Second arrow took his neck. And then the battle began. And what a wonderful little mess it was. Then there’s the other side of the similar story, of a gunslinger who has some morals and this weird, weird man called The Swede. So far I’m in awe.


  And the last thing I’m ought to mention is that I finished a quite a great book by Arto Paasilinna, a Finnish writer who is quite known. Or at least I hope he’s quite known. The book is called “The Howling Miller” (Ulvovo mylläri). It’s all about the human beings being human beings. You can act mad, talk loud, howl if you so please, pretend to be a bear or a dog. But when someone else does it, you wonder – are they mad? Are they out of their wits, acting so stupid!? They must stop! Miller is exactly the man who was just trying to be kind and fair, avoiding things he’s told to avoid, doing loads of great work for himself and community. But he’s odd, he’s different, and thus he’s intimidating, even if he does little more than anyone else. Through most part of the book one watches him being persecuted. And one often asks – what for, really? All bad he does is somehow justified, yet in other’s point of view – it’s justified by madness, instability, danger.


English, Lithuanian, Finnish

  So that’s that. In general view to my life, not much has changed. Nothing bad happened, but not enough good things happening either. Sister tomorrow returns for vacation, which might be a bit annoying, for we don’t get along that good for many, many reasons. Then there’s a big question mark on UK this summer too. But at least my crafts and art goes well enough.

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