Hannibal the Cannibal ate three Musketeers

Just finished watching last serie of Hannibal tv series. To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased about series adaptation, nor I am still. I doubt it gives enough justice. Yet last three series or so really made up to it. Some wrong people lived, some right people died, all well and good.

And while so many like the actor, I can’t say I’m too into him. Unusual and all that, but still rather strange to my eye.

Mads-Mikkelsen hannibal1_2553735b hannibal-nbc-tv-series-cast_hg_full_l

  Also, finishing A. Dumas books on Three Musketeers. My book copies are 40 years old so as I read – pages just fly about. Book itself at least is quite easy to read, interesting and all that. Not too much, but quite some.


  Soon I’ll be telling you about Tomb Raider I and Thief: Gold / The Dark Project. I just figured I want to restart all the series I played and tell people about it.

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