True Blood Season 6 – so lets do this.

So who-oo, who are you really?…

  I’m happy. Just so very happy. These series, so far from the books now that for two seasons I’m certain they didn’t even smell the Sookie Stackhouse books, but still so nice, so awesome, so hot with their Louisiana sun, and cold with their fanged nights. Remember how it all started? Well, then you’re just as curious as I was, right?






  As my tradition demands, I got myself a pack of tomato juice to go with True Blood. Naturally finished almost whole liter before the serie ended, so now I’m feeling rather terrible about it. Way too much, way. But it was so very, very worth it.

So what happened without spoilers… Hm. Well, as last season showed – Bill is a bit of a badass near-god-vampire sort of a fanged. Jess is still weird as hell, as she normally is. You never know what stupid thing she’ll do and how she’ll make up for it afterwards and how she’ll screw shit up later on again. Andy now has babies, as you remember. Fairy babies are special. Very, very special. Not Sookie-Special tho. According to official story of the books, Sookie’s talent is not given to her by fairies, fairies don’t read mind. It was her… Sponsor. In non dirty way. Alcide now owns a pack, but has to prove himself, naturally. And a… Well, Jason’s Jason still, so that’s about it.

And this is the ending song, thought you might like it.

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