Unwanted things

Where do you put unwanted old things? I have so very, very many! A few english video games (like sims 2 and tomb raider: legend), a bit more russian ones (Narnia’s chronicles, an amazing piece, gotta say, bezumnie racing game, archangel and a few more), a lot of old and a few newer books (only like two of them are in english (game of thrones, a bit ruffled paper-back, with all pages in tact), sorry), lots of all sorts of jewelry and little things, like porcelain and clay boxes, picture frames, statues and other pretty things that take up space of my minimalistic mind. I’m not very good with ebay, but I guess I should give it another shot, otherwise I’ll be throwing out BAGS and BAGS. And I’m sure no one here will want them either, and I, forgive me, don’t intend to send anything abroad unless properly sold. Strange thing is, that I believe “spring-cleaning” thing hit me in the summer.  Also, I sneeze from dust a lot… Pretty sure that I’m not allergic, but still sneezing.

Almost done with Vladimir Sorokin book “Day of Oprichnik“. As I figure, it’s a cyberpunk-y type of political-satirical-fiction. And it’s not the dark cyberpunk you see in Blade Runner, or Neuromancer. It’s the type you can see in Transmetropolitan. With colossal swearing. It’s an odd book alright. Not bad, no, but some words I never saw being written and some I didn’t even know. And knowing people who surround me – I could be swearing-expert.


I’m trying to finish it for two days now, tho. First hundred and some pages went by like nothing, now I still have forty to go!

Yesterday had one of those bad insomnia strikes. The type when you feel like screaming for you are tired, very tired, in fact, but your mind keeps surging and waking you up again and again. Fell asleep, barely, at around five am and was woken soon past nine. Every muscle and bone hurts. Cursed thing… And today was such a lovely day. I rather prefer cloudy and damp, but alright, it was bright and clear, but windy at least.

Started watching “American Horror Story” and “Embraced” (I’m a big vtm fan). Didn’t go further than first serie of both, but I’ll watch it, sure. In the first one I like the odd daughter of the nutty couple. The latter one is plainly a vtm thing, thus I must see. Sadly, I’m a lazy bastard and it’s hard for me to sit and watch something. And AHS takes a hour per episode. Don’t remember how much Embraced takes up…

And now, let us wait for True Blood… When you came in – the air went out! And every shadow… filled up with doubt!


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