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A few days ago I had to order a piece of jewelry for baptism of this baby related to my sister via her husband (his brother’s). And right away it started out messy. First I had to cancel the purchase for obviously they didn’t know their e-bank information, so the next day I had to go and figure that out myself. Thing is, this site I bought it from uses trick “it’s the last one we have in stock!”, which is a fat, fat lie. As my order was “hanging”, I wrote them asking how do I proceed with the payment now, until someone bought it (site showed that there is no more left, but I figured as I filled application nearly at midnight – it shows my attempt to buy, not an actual nocturnal creature who beat me to it), and naturally they said not to worry, they have plenty of them, and then gave me the account information to which I sent the money. Five days later I receive the package. Now, here’s the fancy thing. First picture shows a picture shown on their web site. The second picture is what I actually received.


IMG 1585

  Now ain’t that a little bit different?? But as it’s not bad and the “essence” is still the same, that’s my only complain. Afterall, they responded to my plea for help within a few minutes, package came directly into my hands and it’s still pretty I think. Wouldn’t wear that, but hey, what does a baby know? The site I got this from is a lithuanian site, called E-Jewelry. I doubt they ship elsewhere, but there’s a chance of course. I’ll be more careful with them tho, I mean… I’ll ask for additional pictures or at least a very specific description the next time.

  Yesterday tho, received a long-time-no-see piece of vegetable. Yellow tomatoes. I actually prefer the ones slightly longer, plum tomatoes or how are they called, but these are good too. I somehow only like the yellow ones, they have this specific taste to them. Ate two watching Mad Mad House. Oh yes.

IMG 1583

  Mad Mad House, once aired on our television, now unseen anywhere and missed dearly. I don’t really understand how alternative life requires you to sage yourself daily, but alright, if that’s what they do – who am I to judge. It’s a rather funny show, for the “normal guys” are ridiculous beyond help. But then again, I don’t doubt there are people who consider the alts ridiculous too. Can’t we all just be friends? Ha!

Mad Mad House


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