Water, Water…

  Yesterday was somehow a semi-fun day. How did that happen – I don’t know, but I won’t look a gifted horse in the teeth either.

  Some local store provided me with a new Energy Drink, called “Black Dragon”. I’m a sucker for dragons and I do like new energy drinks to sip.  Sadly, I don’t know what I expected. Usually all ED’s are generic in flavor and only some big brands specialise in flavoring and adding stuff to their ED’s. This one tastes just like any other cheapish brand in smallish can. But as whole day was hot, it was pleasing enough to have this cold can and a couple bags of salted nuts (I know it’s a bad combo for when it’s hot, but I can’t eat regular food either, so this or nothing), for it was my dinner and almost my supper. Almost, because for supper I was happy to receive a bowl of soup. I love soup. I’m all mad about soup. I’ll take a IV with soup.

IMG 1583

  And today was an odder day. Dad went fishing, as he often does when summer nights are warm and wind is not too strong, and he dropped his cell into lake. Naturally therefor, from 10am I’m cleaning mud out of it. I dare saying – it’s dead. First of all – he said screen light up when it fell into water. Then – he dried it in the heat of sun and I wouldn’t trust leaving any device on the sun in summers, sun is kindly  burning everything you give it. And third – I even changed the battery and still – no luck. Nothing seems different, but, so to speak, there ain’t no pulse no more.

IMG 1586

  For me the biggest problem is to teach either of my over 50′ parents to use a different phone, and I have no idea where to get this old little piece now. Even my old nokia is too new for either of them, and it’s the one that still uses number-keyboard (three letters per digit, new generation won’t know what it’s like to be able to type like crazy using that).

  All of these things aside, I finished reading 12th novel of Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. The usual stuff – she made it best when there was 30 pages of the book left. I hope Sookie is not planning to stay with the guy she saved at the end of the book (see, no spoilers!), and I also hope she stops being a bitch towards some completely cool guys, like Quinn. Not everyone can give you whole day, Sook, it’s admirable that this weretiger cared for his family as much as he did and now that he only seeks a friend – you still give him a cold shoulder, Maker, let me into that damn book! Right away I, of course, started the 13th and the last book in the series. Not sure how will author manage to fix up everything, but please please please make it good, for these were if not the best series in general, but very, very dear series to me.


  After this I intend to get into Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice with full force. So far I’ve read 3 first books, being Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned. I also read The Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle, because a beloved friend of mine gave me a gift of Tarquin Blackwood, and idol I still can’t let go of. And it’s not unusual for me to start series from the wrong end of it, and she said – it’s quite alright too, and I do believe also, that I understood everything plenty enough.

  So that’s that for the past two days. Oh, wait, I watched The Great Gatsby – the old movie. My my, how accurate to the book it was! I haven’t seen the new one yet tho, we don’t have a cinema locally and one nearest is 50km away from me, so I need a good enough opportunity. But as I said, the old one was good, very to-the-book, which I do like (althought I do understand the necessary changes, so, for instance, while many people hated The Hunger Games movie – I found it very good, all changes made sense, all differences were understandable and the rest was given in a non-shallow way, which in my opinion is also, very important). Here’s a few caps of the movie, irrelevant I believe.

vlcsnap-00003 vlcsnap-00001 vlcsnap-00002

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