It’s too damn hot!

For the past few days I’m barely able to fall asleep and sleep through more than a couple of hours. Why? Because it’s bleeding hot! Yes, the window is open, yes, the blanket is kicked off. And for those living in southern America – yea, you probably have it WAY hotter there, but I can’t sleep at night because of this. So there I’d be a true vampire, for usually after a whole night waking – I can actually sleep through the day until the dusk falls. Either Way, it’s hot. Hot. Hot.

At the moment I got myself a headache with a hint of depression. Why? Well, because all the damn bastards all around feel free to use my time for themselves. And I allow it, for reasons you’d laugh at, I swear. It’s whole that “hey, can you fix up my documents for me?” and the “can you make a call or two for me?” and the “listen, order this for me, I don’t know how, but I’ll cry if I don’t have this piece of f-ing trash in my house”, and so on. And then there’s the slave-drivers, requiring me to work nearly six hours a day, for many days, because they want to impress someone with skills they don’t even have. No wonder I saw reasoning behind killing everyone in Metro 2033. You selfish pricks deserve no better, and that damn bullet is too expensive for you, to add to that. Thus you should be grateful! I’m ending your wars, your troubles, your sorrows! Of course, in real life no one would give me a loaded gun, so it’s a dream many of us has, right? Right? (also, just for legal awareness – I don’t intend owning a gun in near future and I can tell a game from reality, thus I know the consequences of killing a person in real life)

I was stupid enough to start reading a hundred books at a time. I need to finish Anne Rice last book of Sleeping Beauty story “Beauty’s release“. It’s promising, from what ending of second book said. I do like the Arabian Nights vibe it had. Beside it, there’s Sookie Stackhouse, two last books, there’s a book by russian author, then there’s a book by Eliphas Levi “Transcendental Magic”, three books on UFO topic and then I can go back to reading Vampire Chronicles and Song of Fire and Ice.

Per these few days I met a few interesting people. One girl made me extra happy. She’s my native, she’s into Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and I discovered her through my book-blog, thus she’s a reader who reads my babble! Hooray! Seriously, hooray! And then there’s this funny thing that keeps happening. Those who know – know, that I’m badly into Dracula and the prince-warlord – Vlad Draculea, thus I like when suddenly there or here on the internet I’m suddenly being followed/stalked/liked/subscribed to by someone with such names as “I-want-a-carpathian” and such. Well, bless your dark little heart, friend, for you sound just about the right person to get to know.

Btw, window open, kinda cool now, smells of summer evening and I have a cup of Shamballa tea… Ah, but you don’t know, do you? What it all means to me?…

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