Salty almonds in a Crown chocolate

For so many days I’ve been playing Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light games, that by now I know where each and every beast will come out.  First game is kinda harder. And the second one had a very scary ending for me. Right until I decided that I’ll connect it in my head with the second book “Metro 2034“, which is not the “last light”, mind you, “Last Light” will be the third book. And judging from what Miller looked like in this second game, I dare saying that Second Book tells Third story, so to say. Makes no sense? Well, lets say that books came as 1, 3 and then 2, while games came as 1, 2 and I would really love 3, but who knows if they won’t do the Valve thing, right? That’s of course not official statement, but if you read the books and see Miller, you might agree with me. Or at least want to agree…

Metro Last Light 1


I’m terribly grateful to a friend who took me serious about the game, for I don’t usually play fps or horrors to that matter, but he took my words that I want to try it out badly seriously and was kind enough to get me this gift of awesomeness.


I got a new chocolate bar today, a milky chocolate with salty almond bits. It’s by Lithuanian brand “Karuna” (Crown), they make cheap, but very nice chocolate. It tastes amazing really, I love salted almonds, and milky chocolate, and I don’t mind that mixing.

IMG 1579

Just finished series “Black Books”, that was very nice show-series. “Vicious” is somewhat alike, just with two senior gay men, which makes things extra funny too. Pardon if I sound rude, stereotypes, when done with proper taste, are funniest thing for me. In real life I realise that’s not the case.

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