Mary Celeste

Now here’s an interesting thing I accidentally discovered reading. Mary Celeste was a British-American merchant brigantine. In 1872 December 4th she was found drifting towards Strait of Gibraltar, a bit soaked, with slightly torn sails. Yet in general Mary Celeste was in perfectly good condition to continue it’s journeys through the sea, seaworth.

Weather was fine, thus missing seasoned seamen definitely was a story to be heard and told. All in all on ship the only things missing were a few navigation items, like compass, some documents, as ship papers and the only lifeboat. The cargo was still there, property of the crew was still there, even their valuables.

Thus two questions pop into my head now – who/what from and where to they ran as quickly, to leave everything behind? After All, they never never found or heard from ever again.


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