Receiving post from Solstice Scents

As you know, I’m a fan of smell-therapy, which is a nicer name to “I’m slightly nuts about Solstice Scents”. So I figured, to paranoia struck people I’ll just show how regular package looks like and what you get inside ordering one bottle of perfume (with one free sample that they always give you to choose).

IMG 1552

Their address (or at least where from it is shipped)

IMG 1543

Themed-confetti, the black’s are always there, reds are sometimes changed accordingly into orange, green, other

IMG 1545

Close-up of a bat

IMG 1546

Thick layer of bubblewrap to protect the perfume, which is in a blue mat glass bottle (samples come in vials)

IMG 1547

perfume bottle is wrapped in tight plastic sealing and around it a zip-up bag with a sample and a card in it, color of the card can varrie too

IMG 1548

There’s never too much Manor. It’s my second sample of Manor..

IMG 1549

After trying out a sample of Pharaoh, I decided I want it so I ordered a bottle of it.

IMG 1551

Bottle is posing!

IMG 1544

General stuff in it, a card with a “thank you, ” hand written note on the back of it, a “business” card, which is also as pretty, and a bookmark, they’re sturdy, but not too hard, honestly – perfect.

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