Error, stupid!

Some know, some don’t, but through the last week and some – most of my equipment broke the hell down.

First thing was my lovely laptop mouse. The travel type with a roll-in wire on it. Comfortable, grey-green, just a nice little thing in an odd little shape (don’t ask, I won’t tell). The wire by the base of it’s frame figured it had enough of my gaming and while I was slaying a dragon in Skyrim, I noticed my dunmer took no more arrows. I had to shout the dragon to death, save the game and then quickly quickly unplug my PC mouse and plug it into laptop. The day was saved, especially as I found myself a fine mouse for around 3-4 euros. It’ll last a few months I figured. Oddly enough, the mouse I have at the PC is a lot older than the one that broke, and all it did wrong was turn off the blue led bib, figuring I don’t need a hundred lights flashing (now it only shines red. I’d like the blue back, but I dare not open it and check what happened to the blue bib), and that is all.

The second thing was my own clumsiness. Mind you, I do not like coffee. Very little brands, blends and flavor-adds suit my refined by energy drinks taste. Yet somehow I wanted coffee that day, just something hot and sweet for no real reason. Half a cup down my hand knocks out the cup like nothing. Onto keyboard. Keyboard is fine tho. Next day and now and again now I have to fist-press a button, but that’s a small price for half a cup of sweet hotness. Most of it went onto my pants luckily. Luckily too I like hot baths and showers so my legs are fine.

Third thing that went down was my PC screen. My precious Samsung.  I was in terror. First day it took it 7 minutes (I checked the time, trust me) to turn itself on, so I figured, we’ll see how it goes. Just in case I grabbed my most important stuff, minecraft save files, my literature files, my unfinished drawing or two. Next day it took it half an hour I think if not a whole hour to turn itself on again, so I begin looking through web for cheap screens, which led to me finding out that I have a huge monitor in compare. Even sister called me, saying that if what I should inform her and she’ll help me out as she’ll be able to. I found nothing too good, but figured there are indeed ways out if all else fails.

Next day it didn’t turn on whatsoever even after two hours of waiting. Okay, so that’s the drill now: you turn on pc, but your screen is black. How do you turn off thy pc? Yes. Forced shut down. So can you figure what was the next thing that broke?

That’s right, the fourth thing, after I found someone to fix my screen (took him half a day to change this power-source-feeder-something) and he told me to check it just in case and turn on my PC – pc was nuts and crazy, so the technically this would be the fourth thing I’d say broke down, took 6hrs to re-install the windows (it works as smooth as new now), but no. Fourth thing was the fact that it was Easter and neighbor didn’t pay his internet bill in time and they turned his internet off. Meaning my laptop was left without internet either, for mine doesn’t work on laptop (it’s a cable, same provider gives wireless, but as I have cable tv and they make cable free if you get cable internet – it paid off better for me to get cable for pc, as I don’t carry it around anyways), but wireless internet of same provider he has – reached far enough as my laptop behind the wall. I was left without any connection to internet and outernet is a scary place, believe you me. So that was fourth and fifth was the PC.

Sixt would be breaking a CD of my Bamboo Fun Tablet for my arts. As you re-install thy windows, obviously, some things go missing. I figured, heck, I got my Paint Tool Sai, I got my Photoshop, time to do pseudo-art. And my tablet won’t work. Then my brain works a little and says “hey, didn’t you need drives for this?” – oh yea, I do need drives! CD-ROM goes nuts with the cd. It has this tiny little dent made from the painted side of the disk. Disk is smooth as a baby, but if you turn the shiny side up and look careful, you can see mountains there, where something pressed in just hard enough to damage the shiny side of the disk, leaving plastic itself safe and sound. But good people of Wacom luckily have all their drives free to download on their website, Thank Them for that, they saved me and my doodles.

The seventh thing which is not yet even fixed is my lamp. It simply broke off it’s “neck” and while nothing is damaged too bad and it works – it’s in pieces and that’s not very usable for me. So yea, I got no light. But darkness isn’t too terrible, as long as I finish my reading while it’s still day hours.

And that’s that. Now I’m back on the web, back online and most if not all is good. All will be good, believe that.

P.S. this is what my screen was like when it was broken.

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