Syrie James – Dracula, my love!

  Not too long ago I finished a book by Syrie James called “Dracula, My Love“. Loved it.

It’s the same tale of Bram Stoker, yet told from Mina’s point of view. And this time she’s not hiding anything. Pure truth about the men around her, about herself, about the so said monster. Charming little romance blooms when love is sparked in the seemingly dry heart of Mina, when she meets the probably most amazing man she could ever meet. A dead man, to add. No, wait… Un-dead! Yet, she’s married (or soon to be) to Johnathan Harker (or how the hell his name is spelled), and thus question comes up – can a heart love two men at same time?

The author of this book is amazing. She took care of every small little detail Stoker couldn’t care about (and it’s normal, knowing the years he lived in, what he was, who were around him and such), say, who are Mina’s parents? Or who are the three women in Dracula’s castle? And I did love how she built her own Dracula in the pages and how he, bit by bit, even being an ancient being, managed to break through the boundaries of those-days society-type ladies. For example (after all the dear chats about books, which I probably enjoyed even more than Mina, for, hey, it’s books! Books! The man is a reader!), he often questioned her views. She’s too shy to go ask people for something she dearly cares for? Thus he asks wouldn’t it be a bigger shame NOT TO ask about something you dearly care about? He’d question her odd caring of what people would say or think – it’s their opinion, their problems, you’re not doing anything wrong, are you?

In general, I find this Dracula plenty Alucardish, and Alucard was one of the nicer types of Dracula, don’t you think (I mean the one by Hirano, from “Hellsing)? Mina, well, I rarely like any of the Mina’s given (exception there and here), but this one was half-bad only. She allowed Dracula to improve her in some ways, making herself a stronger person. Yet still, still!

If I had to rate the book, would give it 5-5 straight. Can I have another one?

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