Season 8 of Bones

Well, those who know me, know that I am crazy about tv series of “Bones”. Here in Lithuania they’re heavily censored, say, they put a blur on a corpse and such. I guess it traumatized somebody, somebody complained and ended up victorious. Anyways, I really like that show.

Today I began watching season 8, just the very first serie. Fingers crossed that in this season Jared Booth would appear at least once, that one I like the most (even when he was a brat-like little brother of S. Booth).

It all began where it all stopped, fugitive with a child, genius of evil mind still on the loose, nothing else I will tell. Why? Not because anything is wrong or so… No, wait, it is very wrong. I liked the series because they were of this amazing and strange woman, awesome guy who struggles to make the right choices and decisions, and a bunch of weirdos. What do I get now? Love and unsolved crimes. I liked one case per serie, not one case per season. I miss watching the line being balanced on, between right and wrong, between justice and crime, between, most importantly, mastermind and insanity.

Don’t get me wrong, I intend to watch it to the end. But I cannot be as big of a fan as I used to be, ever since Brennan lost her mind (“it takes three days for the brain…”) and became human-like, ever since everyone bit by bit settled with their mates and began making more babies than solved crimes.

So, hooray and uuuugh for the new season of Bones.

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One thought on “Season 8 of Bones

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