Nurse Jackie got me

Not so long ago I decided to give a shot for tv series called “Nurse Jackie“. I like series of medical and criminal subjects (yet am not a fan or Dr. House, don’t judge me, it’s good, but not for me). I’m a great fan of “Bones“, for instance. And as “Bones” new season just started and series are aired way too slow for me, “True Blood” ended, so did “Game of Thrones“, both for now of course, I began watching “Nurse Jackie“.

And now I am an addict.

It’s an amazing series of a nurse with bad back. And what is a nurse with bad back? Unemployed. Thus she uses all kinds of painkillers, tricking, stealing, buying, getting them, the strong, good stuff, any way she can, to keep her mind steady and body – painless. Actress who plays Jackie is amazing, her way of acting, in my opinion, is perfect, at least for this role, for before I never saw her anywhere.

Eitherway, it’s a comedy with some drama about it. She has two kids, girls, a husband… A lover too. Her life is one big mess and the only thing keeping her steady is the same thing you could blame all her problems on – drugs. Painkillers. Yet what I admire about these series most is her sense of justice. Say, here’s an example, a youngish-man on a skate-board rides right past a granny, boo-ing her and scaring her. Bad for him, he rode past Jackie, who casually, like she did nothing, knocked him out with her elbow. And denied it without a blink. Of course, her best friend Doctor O’Hara senses the truth behind her lies, but their minds are wicked, and it’s probably the glue that keeps them together.

All the different patients also show how important and often more important is a job of a nurse than a doctor. Nurse not only has to take care of everything for the doctor, but sometimes do the doctor’s job too, at same time working as a psychologist, calming people down, assuring them that everything is going to be okay. Jackie would definitely find some common language with Dr. House, after two seasons I am sure of that.

Thus, I do not regret that I started watching these series. So far there are four seasons and fifth one is to be produced yet. I will gladly continue watching, seeing how quality didn’t fade through the seasons. After I finish the fourth one, I’ll give a better review, but so far it’s 5 out of 5.

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