Damaged coins

Recently I decided I shall collect all the coins and change from the trips I go on to. Nowadays they are rare, yet I expect them to become more often in most recent future. Thus when I was in England, I took it very seriously to look through every coin, penny, pence and whatever else they got there and pick out every single one that was different, say, there are one p coin with young Queen at the front (or do you consider it back-side of the coin?), and there are those with Queen already in age. Also there are same coins with piece of herb on it and there are such with a pattern of what I could not understand what it is, yet kept it. For more examples – there is probably a hundred different pound coins, those I quit collecting when I held full 15 pounds of different-back pounds. Three different Two-pounders, at least I found only three different, kept all three too, three different 5p coins and so on. I put them all into a blue bottle, together with Lithuanian coins already in there. We don’t have that much different ones, beside 1 Litas (say, equivalent of 1 pound, even thou their value is greatly different)

What was most fun for me, was finding coins with a bit of a defect on them. I only found one pound, and one 20 cent coin of ours, yet it was still interesting, especially our own coin, for it was a piece taken out of it and I had plenty of thought-candy pondering of what could have happened to this coin. Yes, I’m easily amused, apparently.

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