Anno Dracula: Bloody Red Baron [received]

Finally! This time Book Depository managed to overthrow themselves and my book arrived quicker than I could even expect. To add to that, they added a bookmark with famous monsters on black, who glow in the dark! Oh and how I love things that glow in the dark!

Of bookmark – pretty much, all of Book Depository sent bookmarks are interactive, either with useful information, or with something fun for you to ponder about. I got one with measurements, and this one is like a little quest on hard paper – how many monsters can you recognize? And, as I said, monsters glow in the dark, I am just fascinated by that!

Of book – it came in an usual package of cardboard, with a note to it, bookmark and of course, there’s the book. It looks a lot better in real than it looked in the picture, must admit, and it looks even prettier than the first book. Yet it’s not the first time I order a book and, say, bookmark has the corner bent, for it was packed a bit on the edge. But this time book corner was bent too… Don’t take me wrong, I will not go crazy just about a little corner of a soft-cover bent, but I do expect them to pack my book a little bit neater. Still, I will put no official complain, nor will write them about it, for I can only imagine how tired can be those people who indeed pack these books, by doing it day after day, long long hours. I will also admit I would love doing their work for them a lot…

Either way, here are pictures of what I found in the package. Received it two days ago, I believe? If not three. Went just in time to post office to pick it up, before it was closing! So, to rate Book Depository on this delivery, I would give them a firm 4 out of 5 with a plus. After all – delivery is free, bookmark is awesome, and it’s just one little corner bent!

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