Kim Newman – Anno Dracula [1]

  Thus, finished reading Kim Newman book “Anno Dracula“. It’s strange how every time I return from England, I bring back with me a book of Dracula, no matter fictional or historical figure of his. This one was a gift for me.

Kim Newman managed to use a damn load of all kinds of historical and fictional characters in his book, where plot rolls around in time, as I understood, somewhat right away after Bram Stoker’s book ended (not including the last chapter where Harker family already has a child). Just, in this book, Dracula didn’t lose a silly little fight with a hand-full of mortal men. As my vampiress once noted- even his brides were harder to kill, so why did Dracula die of a hunting knife stab?

Book is interesting, seeing how and what was used, say, story tells of Jack the Ripper who is also known as Silver knife. The man hunts whores, yes, but they’re all vampires-girls. Queen Victoria married Vlad Dracula. Oscar Wilde gladly took the immortality. And so on, and on, and on. Yet there are so many names and tiny little mentions, that me, being not an amateur in book reading, was left pondering of why the hell did all that matter? Some actions were explained by author himself at the back of the book, and he seemed to rejoice his clever ways of naming a list of borrowed characters, even when they were mentioned in the book by other characters. Well, Mr Newman, I’m glad you know so many of them, but I kind of… Don’t care. It filled this wonderful deep-blood-red balloon with too much cold air and didn’t let it rise above.

I can’t say the book was bad, no, I enjoyed it plenty. I enjoyed the classical view onto vampires, the Vampire the Masquerade type of depends-on-the-bloodline bloodsucker types and such. Dracula was a scary monster, a Dragon-Bat who could fill the night sky and cover the moon entirely. And I do like alternative-reality/history type of books, plus the writing style was so fancy!

Now I’m not sure if I told what about the book is. Vampires in the book stepped out of the dark, following their great leader, and live among the living people. Immortality can cost a penny, if you ask a common whore, she’ll be your Mother-in-Darkness even for less, so to say, for a good feeding that it will give her. Dracula’s bloodline is the most polluted of all, thus those vampires, and there are more and more of those vampires, are a dark trouble, dark plague onto the face of Britain. And the murderer who is killing vampire girls? Who is that monster, who is that madman? Or is he a hero, trying to clean the streets? Trust me, it’s a fine question, not an obvious statement that “yea, yea, he’s a hero”.

If I was to rate this book, I’d give 4 out of 5. And I already ordered second book from and preordered the third. Will wait for fourth to come down on the price tho.

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