Graveyard in Southfleet

By accident me and my friend ran into a graveyard by a church that looks nothing like the churches I am used to. It was rather gorgeous and something happened to me. Among the pictures I will post below You will see one close-up of a tomb-stone. I touched the cross, marking the lines vertically and horizontally on it with my index finger, pondering the usual nonsense, walking “among the dead” for once. Afterwards we went deeper into the “garden” and I didn’t notice when my friend wandered back off, as I walked slower, taking pictures, mumbling under my own nose. I turn and see him leaning onto a fence (there’s a picture of fences there to…) thus I walk towards him. And in a second or two I understand – no… I do not see my friend, there is NOBODY THERE. And the figure was right in front of the tomb stone that I touched. Rather interesting. Never had this happen to myself, believe it or not. So yea. Here’s the pictures of the little walk we took.


Ps. My health is good, thank you :3


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One thought on “Graveyard in Southfleet

  1. alayaseverus

    oh no.. I forgot to tell you about Romania’s graveyards >< but in every graveyard we passed there were many many tombs (could it be noblemen were buried there? o.o)

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