Chaos, Chaos

Heath Ledger. You freaking bastard. You were great and will be immortal because of that.

Anyways, our team-leader managed to get mine and my friend’s schedules to be the same, so we worked three days and now have two off’s. Problem is, I still don’t have my documents to get my bank account, which means – hell knows when my first pay check comes around. I don’t like living off sister, I’d like to owe her NOTHING.

There’s a polish man in the packhouse with hair of a God, I tell you. I couldn’t even describe his face over the ave the mane put me in. And he’s a kind person. When I was sent to washline, where water runs practically everywhere, my gloves got torn somewhere and chlorine started seeping into cuts on my hands, he brought me gloves (my size too), and told me to change them and until then he’ll stand in my place, sorting onions. Afterwards when my work finished and I didn’t really know where to go, he went out to find out what I SHOULD DO NEXT for me too. And yesterday, he waited 6 extra hours to drive one older woman back home, because we got extra work (it was 2 hours more for me, and for her it was full work’s day, normal one, but he finished job way before us). So when I asked people who is the guy with nice hair, everyone right away said – it’s Piotrek, he’s very kind.

Yesterday we received 15 more people, one lithuanian, one bulgarian and thirteen poles. Guess who decided to befriend me in two seconds? One of the poles. Not sure what’s with me and them, but it’s nice they don’t care I’m a lithuanian and there is no tension like in our own countries would be. I guess here we all become equals – immigrants.

Well, what else? My friend is leaving soon. Seems everyone CAN study except me (so YOU and I are on the same boat, hun, just you at least try to get in. Come work here with me, maybe?? Eitherway, I’ll see you SOON. And then we visit Romania, find Vlad and look around everywhere).

Now, if anyone’s wondering how I got my internet, it’s a funny little story. One cell-provider gives unlimited slow internet “all you can consume” so to say. So I made my cell phone into a modem to provide internet into my death-notebook. Look at me, eh? Problem is, they block DeviantArt as adult-content-site. ALL MY ART IS THERE!

Btw, found and overload of all sorts of new untasted energy drinks, different monsters, Relentless Energy Drink and my god that one is Supernatural. Angel, if you’re reading this, know that I’m bringing a couple cans for you XD You need to try this. On the sides of the cans they even have little poems on them, creepy, dark, connected with the subtitle of the drink (say there’s Relentless Origin, Relentless Inferno, etc). I like these, same much as Monster. Yes, I’m nuts, I know, I know.

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One thought on “Chaos, Chaos

  1. alayaseverus

    You can eat the bulgarian if he/she is mean xD

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