Damn Creepers

I got a pair of really nice creeper shoes, let me see if I can find a picture of them somewhere on the internet (can’t be bothered to take a picture of my own)… 

Here, these are the ones. All around the internet people say the same – it’s hart to break them in, wear them out. Put on bandage, as thick sock as possible and walk, walk, walk. Today I did just that, after almost a year of not touching them after it rubbed my heels to raw meat. Well, it almost did the same today too. It’s synthetic leather, how hard can it be to make it stop rubbing my heel? Either way, I did all what my mother and my grandmother told me too, just in case. First I went to the lake, I live near one, so it wasn’t far, but walking that way was still rather torturing. I went to water with them, to soak the socks. Afterwards, as it got a bitsy bit dry, I spilled high-spirit type of perfume (couldn’t find just spirit to buy, which is odd beyond my understanding!). And lastly, after THREE MORE HOURS OF FEET-HELL, I came back home and stuffed the shoes with as much newspapers as it fit pushing by force. When my poor little heels heal, I’ll try it again, because I want to wear them badly. I’m short and these give height without being a girly-girl shoes (I know these aren’t exactly ‘boy-shoes’ either, but bear with me), AND it’s only later that people notice why are you suddenly taller, which is nice too. Damn you, lucky tall people…

As you may guess, after a little yet serious torture, I didn’t feel as up as I’d like, so my last stop from this trip was to get a can of Monster Energy Drink and a chocolate muffin. Often this would be my breakfast, but whatever’s good to up the mood a bit.

Yes, I am still deeply in love with Khaos. And that dark blob is the muffin. They don’t look so good, but they sure taste good, tho bit too big for what I can fit to my belly. As is Monster can, but what can you do?

Later I did a bit more crafting, as idea struck me out of nowhere. I call myself an elven craftsman to add to that, heh, even thou my skill is no where near as amazing and gorgeous and amazing, but I try and it motivates me. If I could be an elf, hell, I’d be one. Now, what I did was I cut off a leather glove finger and sewed it about in metal beads, looks pretty good, but pictures will come later. It’s comfortable (I’m a ring freak. I just love rings) and in a way it looks like semi-armor ring (afteral, armor was made out of leather too, thus lets say it’s a ranger-armor-ring).

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