Google to make them equal

Ever since google started to make all those things, connecting everything, tracking every step you take to “improve your life” I got a little bit worried. Not enough to quit using it and what it gives, all those products to indeed make life easier. Yet for this particular thing I am feeling a lot of respect towards them yet again.

I could say same about Oreo cookies. Never liked them, I don’t find them that good, they’re too sweet, dough is a bit too crunchy for me, but in general, yes, I would take them if I had to chose what cookies to get. You can guess that I am no fan of cookies either, right? But for this one act of pro-equality I feel a lot more supportive towards them. Here, I’ll just give you a link to a proper article instead of babbling myself: Oreo’s gay pride.

There’s a saying “live and let others live”, and there’s a saying “do what you want until it brings no harm to others”. As a child I had no interactions with anything homosexual, I knew nobody of other race than white, and yet I grew up to be what I am, considering every single person to be a PERSON. And I believe, that if parents were less afraid of fake-horrors, like gays and other different people, they could in fact, fight the true-evils a lot better. There’s a child in foster home, I bet that child would rather live with two dads or two moms than abandoned like that.

Sadly, I am plainly stating my own opinion. It will affect no one, as you can fight disease and hunger, but you cannot fight stupidity and ignorance. Just be brave, people. Open your eyes.

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