We are awesome!

Yesterday with a cousin we had the longest day-off-lazy-walk day ever. It started as a trip to milk-bar (place where they serve milk-sweets, like milk-shakes, ice-cream and such), for it’s brand new and quite nice. They had milk-shakes of all sorts, lots of pies, ice-creams and candies. Got myself a coconut milk-shake, while honestly speaking I really don’t like milk-shakes, nor milk-product based ice-cream. But she wished to go there and thus her being helpful meant to me I felt obliged to do a kindness for her too. Afterwards she wished to go thrift-shop, here in our small town we got four such shops, so it took a while. It was Monday, so market was out of the list, which would have been a fifth destination. Eitherway, as I don’t really like clothes shopping and all that, my activity in such places is to find the weirdest things possible. And I had luck this time. I’m pretty sure the first piece, purple pants, would actually look good at some occasions on some people, but in general they looked very funny and “Hammer Time”-like.

Cousin found herself a dress, hindu style if I take it right, it suited her well. She also grabbed a couple of scarfs, later telling me fantastic ideas of what she’s going to do with them. We both are into crafts and I started doing real items thanks to her, thus she’ll have my support, even if I don’t really get it, about those scarfs.

At the last stop I found the winner of that day’s weird-clothes. It’s a comic-manga covered sweat-shirt. All would be alright if not one particular picture, saying “We are awesome! We will nail you!” with an absolute-emotionless manga girl drawn. After snorting a little, trying to stop laughing, for it was all even more hilarious because of the quacking sound from behind the wall, where a toy-goose kept going off every time somebody moved in the room, I finally took pictures and here it is:

Imagine a combo of those pants and this shirt? I just did.

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