Dianthus is my favorite flower. Especially deep red in color. Yet while walking from the mall yesterday, I noticed a little pink one cut off and tossed to the side of the path. Couldn’t just walk by, so I picked it up, brought back home and put it into a nice cut-crystal shot-glass (something similar to a shot glass, I’m not exactly sure how to define this size). I find dianthus to be very firm and strong when it comes to surviving, so even when I found it, all ruffled and a bit dirty, it was still firm, even if you could feel that it needs water badly already. Here’s the little beauty.

A few days before this my mother returned from country-side, where we still own some land and a couple of buildings, with a handfull of yet more flowers. These, for wild flowers, are also my favorites. People here consider them to be wild tulips and same ones like these, just white, they grow in their little gardens. I find these a lot prettier, but if I have a chance, I will take a picture of white ones, they grow in the little garden around one drug-store nearby.

Here we call them Bells, or Bell-flowers. There are also a smaller for of these, those are pretty too, but all the bugs and intensive heat and danger of mites/ticks make it not worth it for me to run around meadows. I’d go there very early in the morning or very late at night, but all the flowers would be asleep. Just like all the bugs that cause me disturbance in the brain.

At the moment here we got a beautiful summer storm, lightening with this very specific smell in the air, rain onto hot ground and two rainbows, for sun is setting at other end of the town. I’ll add more pictures at the end of the blog.

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