Okay, let me start from telling you, that I love energy drinks badly. They help me balance my insomniac brain a little, it tires mind enough to have me sleeping at least three hours in the night and sometimes a couple more in the morning. Thus today was a lucky day. In the little town I live at at the moment there were only three main Monster Energy Drinks (those are my favorite SO FAR), Green one, Blue no-carb one, and the Yellow one, The Ripper. But today in such shitty little store, where one would never expect to find something new and nice I was put in awe. Among the three lines of three different Monsters stood a fourth one. Orange, Khaos. And I must say, it tastes a lot like Christmas. While tangerines or oranges just don’t grow here, and winters are as white as in Siberia at it’s mammoth times, still, many of my natives would tell you – tangerines are the flavor of Christmas. Khaos Monster tastes like tangerines, oranges and white grapes (something else too, but I can’t be bothered now). I’m not sure whether it’s because I was born at the fall of Soviet Union and tropical fruits were still mainly received during proper holidays and wasn’t just something you could get easily daily even if you had the money for it, or just because as a child and even now, the only citrus fruit that I like is tangerines. Either way, the flavor is great, less horribly-sweet like the Ripper, yet same rich with flavors that may not be your truest from the fruit, but still great for the tongue. The only thing that I would still like to get here would be the 250ml cans. 500ml is a bit much for me.

By now you probably already assumed correctly, that I will not speak of the promised graveyard. That will come tomorrow or so I wish to believe.

At last I managed to finish the previously mentioned Lady of the Shroud book by Bram Stoker. Sorry mr Stoker, but this was just too much. The man was just too lucky. Not even Montecristo went so smoothly through everything as this main hero did. It irritated me beyond the words, must say. Last ten pages were pretty much a wasteland through which I had to drag myself through. It’s well written, nothing bad there, but the story itself… Lets hope the next book I take is a better one. Also, I wish to add here a picture of what I saw a couple days ago. Rain poured whole night and morning began with sun not being shy on heating the place up, thus soil was steaming. I found that gorgeous.

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One thought on “Khaos

  1. This drink was released in Japan.I want to drink this time.

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