And Yet – No News

Still no news of the trip to United Kingdom. They must approve my application, they MUST.

Did a little and a bit late spring cleaning today (that always gets me thinking of Jared Booth and the Conspiracy Theorist in tv series “Bones“, I think that particular serie was called like “a hero on hold” or something? Jared was great there and ever since!), made myself some more space, which I lack badly. Books everywhere, crafting material everywhere too. Random things in random spots. So I threw out some things. On the way doing it, found my National Insurance Number, which I needed. Sadly I didn’t find my pin for the bank card, thus I will either have to make myself a new card, or be lucky enough to have sister still have my card with her. I might want a new one, not too sure. That is, if they keep it on the same account, which they should, I guess?

I should do this spring cleaning more often. I tend to find a hidden stashes of money. I make those often and often I forget about them, like some squirrel with nuts. But it’s always fun to find it. Once it was a black envelope with around 50$, now it was a red box with 25$.

With that I’m also trying to finish a book by Bram StokerThe Lair of the White Worm & The Lady of the Shroud“. It’s the most deceiving book I ever ran into. First it speaks of a ghostly activity. Then it gives you a vampiress. And then it takes everything away! And the only occult thing that is left there then is the main heros aunt that can foresee the future. Which is not that impressive to me, somehow (I read Tarot cards, maybe that’s why). 50 pages or so left. Eh, and I so hoped for something better. And secretly I indeed expected Stoker to once more name The One he wrote about before. Either way, I do believe he had a thing for both the area of where Romania is (including the places around it) and vampires too. He’s speaking fondly of what his hero calls “maybe a bit barbaric people in compare to the British” (take no offence, it’s not my words, I personally believe my own country is the most barbaric).

If anyone’s interested, tomorrow I will put up some pictures from the local graveyard and tell you how my trip there was. Nothing special tho. And even if you’re not interested, it’s what I will do tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “And Yet – No News

  1. johnkindle

    Your grammar is terrible, if not unbearable… You may want to consider consulting a physician about your ADHD.

    • wow, well, way to go to comment a year old post on terrible grammar. If you want to help – go read something new I wrote and then speak, otherwise I figure you didn’t want to help, you just wanted to be mean today. Also, I don’t have ADHD, the post was merely “pushed”. When I got nothing to write about, I blurt random stuff randomly.

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